Through the Eyes of a Child

Restoration Village’s book, 131 pages, perfect binding, soft cover.  Once you know, How can you not do something?  Stories that will tug at your heart, cause some chuckles, bring a few tears and increase your awareness of this too seldom mentioned menace preying upon our children.

Order yours and a friend’s copy today for a suggested donation of $12.50 each, postpaid, from the Village.

Restoring the Wounded Soul Through Forgiveness

As children we were taught to “forgive and forget,” right?  Wrong!  Beverly’s 30-page booklet helps us to understand Biblical forgiveness and what it means to the victim and his/her perpetrator.

Restoring the Wounded Soul Workbook

$15.00 –  A fourteen-week recovery plan presented with a support group format.  This recovery plan is applicable to any type of wound that you may have suffered – emotional, physical, or sexual. Take a look at these statistics:  1 in 4 women are sexually abused; 1 in 5 men are sexually abused; 66% of teenage girls who become pregnant were sexually abused; 95% of prostitutes were sexually abused; 50% of young people in prison were sexually abused; and currently 1 in 3 children, age 5 and under, are sexually abused.  This is not a problem, it is a tragedy.