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Arkansas Blue and Grand Savings Bank Renew Dignity


We work to restore the dignity of those we serve. One way we do this is through the quality of the safe shelter we provide. For women and children who have experienced poverty, domestic violence, and homelessness, improving their physical surroundings plays a vital role in the renewal of their dignity.

One of our pressing needs this year has been the renewing of a transitional house at the Village. Specifically, a child’s bedroom in this house was in desperate need of new flooring. Thanks to our Renewing Dignity sponsors, renovations are underway to repair and renew this bedroom to serve this child and her family.

Thank you, Arkansas Blue and Grand Savings Bank, for restoring the lives of women and children with us as a Renewing Dignity Campaign sponsor.  

You or your business can sponsor a Village program too! Learn more at

Restoration Village is Northwest Arkansas’ faith-based long-term women and children’s shelter. We work to restore the lives of women and children through a community of hope and healing. Our goal is that those we serve would lead safe, healthy, and independent lives. 

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