Daily Archives: June 1, 2021

Resident Gifts & Activities Sponsor

David & Bob Walker-Engle restore lives! As program sponsors, David and Bob are supporting our Resident Gifts & Activities so that women and children have the opportunity to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

By investing in our Resident Gifts & Activities, David and Bob are ensuring that the women and children of the Village have happy and memorable birthdays. From presents to decorations, our program staff work to make every birthday at the Village special. Residents even have the opportunity to choose what’s served at the community meal to celebrate their special day. 

Enrichment opportunities are also an important part of our program at the Village. Women and children have the chance to participate in special fishing events, nature hikes, and enjoy local family-friendly activities – like playing at Rogers Aquatic Center, Fast Lanes, Climb Bentonville, and Defy Trampoline Park. David and Bob’s support helps the Village plan, staff, and facilitate these activities that fill our residents’ lives with joy. 

Thank you, David and Bob, for restoring the lives of women and children with us as a Resident Gifts & Activities sponsor.  

You or your business can sponsor a Village program too! Learn more at www.restorationvillage.net/sponsor.

Restoration Village is Northwest Arkansas’ faith-based long-term women and children’s shelter. We work to restore the lives of women and children through a community of hope and healing. Our goal is that those we serve would lead safe, healthy, and independent lives.