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Local fashion designer Shelby Carney has created a line of clothing to benefit homeless women and children at Restoration Village. Shelby is the designer and owner of the local fashion apparel company SHE WHO IS. More than just developing a new clothing line, her goal has been to empower women through what they wear. Shelby has the vision to help inspire kindness, empower strength, and enable women to reach their full God-given potential by giving them the tools to remind them what they are worth and how much they are capable of. Because of her mission, Shelby and SHE WHO IS give back by partnering with a different local women’s charity each month to help pour directly into the lives of women in need here in Northwest Arkansas.

Following a recent visit to Restoration Village, Northwest Arkansas’ long-term faith-based homeless shelter for women and children, Shelby’s experience inspired her to design a line based on the Village’s mission to restore women and children in crisis. 50% of the proceeds from the sales of her new Restored. Collection will go towards helping women and children in crisis find long-term change at Restoration Village.

CLICK HERE to get your Restoration Village from SHE WHO IS. 

We are so excited to collaborate with SHE WHO IS, and we look forward to seeing all of our friends, volunteers, and donors show their support for homeless women and children in crisis as they wear this new clothing line!


SHE WHO IS empowers women through what they wear as an inspirational apparel brand. Shelby Carney, Owner and Designer, launched this local brand in 2019 with the goal of not just designing clothes for women to wear and look good. Shelby’s goal is that SHE WHO IS will help each woman value not only her clothes, but also herself and how she feels. To learn more about Shelby and SHE WHO IS, visit

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