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The services offered at Restoration Village change lives. We provide individual counseling, group sessions, equine therapy, life skill classes, transportation, women’s advocacy, and children’s advocacy to help those we serve find hope and healing.

The women residing at the Village receive individual counseling services as part of our program. Counseling enables our residents to overcome their past and move forward with a new sense of hope. 

All women at the Village also participate in group sessions. This support group is conducted to provide the women a chance to learn, share, and bond with others who may have similar safety goals and are striving for a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Sometimes these group sessions include group therapy, while other sessions may focus on learning a life-skill or another form of personal empowerment. During the group sessions for women, children at the Village participate in their own group program called “Wonderful Words.”

Thank you, Arvest, for restoring the lives of women and children with us as a Life-Changing Services sponsor!

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Restoration Village is Northwest Arkansas’ faith-based long-term women and children’s shelter. We work to restore the lives of women and children through a community of hope and healing. Our goal is that those we serve would lead safe, healthy, and independent lives. 

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