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This fall, Restoration Village was blessed with a wonderful gift! Through a partnership with Liberty University, we were able to offer six students the opportunity to complete their Christian service volunteer hours with us digitally. These six students were a wonderful addition to help Kris Adams, Director of Development, with a variety of different projects related to our communications and development efforts.

Erin (top left) is a freshman at Liberty, majoring in History. She is super excited to be involved with an organization like Restoration Village because of our “beautiful mission and outreach goals.” She has diligently worked on some of our social media content to highlight the difficulties faced by homeless women and children in need.

Aaryanna (top center) is a brand-new graduate of Liberty who just started as a Social Media Creative Specialist for T-Mobile. Volunteering at the Village, Aaryanna helped us design the graphics for our “Restore Hope for the Holidays” campaign and mailer.

Krissy (top right) has used her experience in marketing and graphic design to help Restoration Village. She chose to volunteer her efforts because she wants to give hope and confidence to women and children in need and share God’s love through our faith-based organization.

Yuzhang (bottom right), who also goes by Tony, is an IT major at Liberty and really enjoys helping people. This fall, he has been working on our efforts to convert old Village newsletters into a blog format and assist with our search engine optimization efforts.

Bailey (bottom center) is a sophomore who has been eager to volunteer with the Village. She has provided support for work on our website, as well some additional administrative tasks.

Olivia (bottom left) is a junior at Liberty studying IT as well. She has been helpful with our database management and working on our blog as well. We appreciate her great attention to detail!

We hope to continue offering digital volunteer opportunities for students in need of volunteer hours or course credit. If you would like to participate in a program like this through your school or university, or volunteer at our homeless shelter for women and children in any capacity, please contact Kris Adams, Director of Development, at

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