SHE WHO IS Partners with the Village


Shelby Carney, designer and entrepreneur, created her SHE WHO IS apparel to empower women through what they wear. SHE WHO IS strong can wear these clothes. SHE WHO IS loved, empowered, intelligent, noble, virtuous, and everything in between can wear these clothes. SHE WHO IS not feeling worthy, valued, or even not feeling the same size that she used to be can wear these clothes.

Shelby and SHE WHO IS have a vision to help inspire kindness, empower strength, and enable women reach their full God-given potential by giving them the tools to remind them what they are worth and how much they are capable of.

Because their mission and vision is all about supporting and empowering women to reach their full potential and pursue living their best life, they partner with a different women’s charity each month to help pour directly into the lives of women in need. 10% of all of their profits at SHE WHO IS go to the spotlighted charity of the month.

We are so excited that SHE WHO IS has selected Restoration Village as their featured nonprofit for November and December 2020. We encourage you to visit to learn more about this exciting new and local brand that wants to help women in Northwest Arkansas.

Kris Adams, Director of Development


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