Give Thanks


What has your 2020 been like so far? I imagine that most of us would not exactly call this the best year in our memory. It seems almost laughable to speak of giving thanks with all the craziness, uncertainty, and crises this year. However, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. In this season of thankfulness, it’s important to remember that gratitude does a lot of good.

Researchers at Harvard have found that practicing gratitude can benefit your health. For those who practice mindfulness and choose to focus on the good they have experienced, these grateful people tend to be happier and healthier (“Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier,” Even in the worst of circumstances, gratitude can be a positive source of restoring hope and bringing healing. Being thankful is good for us!

With this in mind, we have many things we are thankful for at the Village. We are grateful for the recent addition of 8 new residents who recently joined us. We have been blessed with good health for our residents and staff. We give thanks for all of our supporters – businesses, churches, foundations, government programs, board members, online advocates on social media, volunteers, and donors. We love and appreciate all of you for the many ways you continue to restore hope with us!

We certainly do not take any of these good things for granted. Instead, our faith invites us to receive these blessings as gifts from God. The book of James suggests that “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father” (James 1:17). In these challenging times, we can confidently say that God has done some fantastic, wonderful, and good things in the lives of our women and children. We give thanks, and we invite you to do the same as well.

– Natalie Tibbs, Executive Director at Restoration Village

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