Taylor's Story of Hope

Taylor’s Story of Hope


Losing Everything

When I came to the Village, I had lost everything. I lost my family, my faith, and any love I had for myself. I believed there was no hope for me. Worst of all, I knew I was the sole reason that I had lost all of the amazing things in my life. My addiction pulled my life apart piece by piece until there was nothing left. While I wanted to find something or someone to blame, at the end of the day I knew that I was the one at fault.


Finding the Village

Restoration Village has changed my situation dramatically for the better. Since being here, I have restored relationships that I thought were beyond repair. I am finally happy inside and out. I feel that I have a purpose in this world. I am a good person and mother. I know that God has guided me and renewed all the parts of me that I believed were broken.


Restored Hope

I have felt so much love and support from everyone here at the Village. They have shown me how beautiful I am through their eyes. They have helped me heal. They believe in me. I am forever grateful to be here and have this chance to get my life back together.


Our Women’s Shelter

Restoration Village is Northwest Arkansas’ faith-based, long-term crisis shelter for women and children. If you have a story like Taylor’s and are in need of the safe shelter and life-changing services we provide, please contact us for more information. Your hope can be restored, your dignity can be renewed, and your life can be rebuilt. 

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