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Taylor’s Story of Hope

Losing Everything

When I came to the Village, I had lost everything. I lost my family, my faith, and any love I had for myself. I believed there was no hope for me. Worst of all, I knew I was the sole reason that I had lost all of the amazing things in my life. My addiction pulled my life apart piece by piece until there was nothing left. While I wanted to find something or someone to blame, at the end of the day I knew that I was the one at fault.


Finding the Village

Restoration Village has changed my situation dramatically for the better. Since being here, I have restored relationships that I thought were beyond repair. I am finally happy inside and out. I feel that I have a purpose in this world. I am a good person and mother. I know that God has guided me and renewed all the parts of me that I believed were broken.


Restored Hope

I have felt so much love and support from everyone here at the Village. They have shown me how beautiful I am through their eyes. They have helped me heal. They believe in me. I am forever grateful to be here and have this chance to get my life back together.


Our Women’s Shelter

Restoration Village is Northwest Arkansas’ faith-based, long-term crisis shelter for women and children. If you have a story like Taylor’s and are in need of the safe shelter and life-changing services we provide, please contact us for more information. Your hope can be restored, your dignity can be renewed, and your life can be rebuilt. 

Food & Holiday Sponsor – Bank of America

Bank of America


Food Insecurity for Women and Children in Crisis

For women and children in crisis, many of their most foundational needs are in jeopardy. Economic security, physical safety and reliable housing may be hard to find. Yet one of the most difficult struggles that those in crisis face is food insecurity.

Bank of America’s “Food & Water” Sponsorship

Making sure that all of our residents receive the food they need is an important part of what we do here at Restoration Village, and now we are excited to have an amazing sponsor helping us in this work. Bank of America has committed to our new “Food & Water” sponsorship program, where they have generously funded our ability to provide nutritious meals for four months from September through December. In addition, Bank of America is also contributing to our holiday funds to ensure our residents have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year. We are so grateful for their support of our women’s shelter, and we appreciate their commitment to restoring hope for women and children in crisis.

Program-Based Sponsorships at the Village

For more information on our new sponsorship opportunities being offered now and into 2021, please visit our program-based sponsor page

Bank of America Grants

Click here to learn more about Bank of America’s grant program and their corporate giving. 

– Kris Adams, Director of Development

Healing with Horses

At Restoration Village, one of the most unique program features that we offer to residents is equine therapy. We have two wonderful horses here at the Village, Sage and Mel. Sage is our wild child, she takes a while to warm up to you but once she does, it’s magical. Mel is wooly, a sweetheart, and inquisitive; she wants to be involved in everything going on down at the barn.

Equine therapy allows our residents to learn, discover, and grow from the horse-human relationship. Residents here at the Village work through their feelings and emotions while the horses help “hold space” for them. “Holding space” is the philosophy that we are willing to walk alongside another person during their journey. It is judgement free. It isn’t trying to fix them, and it offers unconditional support. It is meeting the residents where they are at that moment and not demanding they change or fit in to what we think is best. Horses have mastered this ability, even where therapists might fall short.

It is my joy to guide residents to listen to their inner thoughts and feelings while connecting them with what is happening in the pasture. I have seen it build confidence in a child who has suffered at the hands of her abuser. It has given an addict a reason to stay clean. It has repaired the relationship between a mother and her son. I do not believe there is a limit to the power of smelling a horse’s mane and letting go of the day’s troubles.

Summer Glass, Counselor

Beauty for Ashes

Living in Northwest Arkansas, we are surrounded by some amazing companies that do a lot of business. Rausch Coleman Homes is in the business of construction. Harps is in the business of food. J. B. Hunt is in the business of transportation. Crumbl Cookies is in the business of making all of Northwest Arkansas gain weight (and we are so glad that they are making regular donations of their products to the Village).

What about the Village? Is non-profit or human services work our business? I do not believe that is the best way to describe what we do for women and children in crisis. Restoration Village is in the business of hope. We believe that our role in the lives of the women and children who we serve is to help heal their past wounds and transform their future. We see the amazing possibilities of what God can do in even the most desperate situations and circumstances.

We understand this business of hope to be the most important part of our identity. Specifically, we restore hope. It is a calling that we find inspiration for in the scriptures when Isaiah says that his mission is “to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve… to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair” (Isaiah 61:2-3). Just like Isaiah told a people without hope to hope again, we work to do the same for women and children in crisis.

Natalie Tibbs, Executive Director