About The Village


Since Restoration Village opened in June 1989, hundreds have been given refuge, support and hope in a home environment. Our residents come to us from a variety of circumstances: homeless, often with children or pregnant, needing security, hope and encouragement to overcome the traumas of sexual, emotional or physical abuse.

The first priority of the Village is to provide women and their children with a safe, abuse-free environment while meeting their basic needs for food, shelter and clothing, but a long-term approach is essential to accomplish lasting change and restoration.

We believe a long-term approach is necessary to address the obstacles faced by the women and children who come to us seeking assistance. To facilitate this we evaluate and track each individual situation to determine length of residency. Our average stay is six months to a year.

As part of a trauma-informed response approach, each of our residents is provided with free counseling and advocacy. After arriving at the Village, women meet with our advocate and counselor to develop a goal plan. This plan includes specific life and therapeutic goals that they will work towards while at the Village. These goals are monitored through weekly meetings to ensure the best level of success possible.

We also employ a two-generation approach identified by the Aspen Institute, for reducing child poverty.  The approach acknowledges that “The future success of children depends on the more short-term success of their parents. This strategy combines child-focused and parent-focused efforts to create an all-inclusive family model.”