Thank you

To all of our sponsors for the 6th annual Afternoon of Fairytales

Join us Feb. 8th, 2020 at the 718 Venue in Rogers!

Cupcakes, Princesses, Superheroes, games, and more!

Wear your favorite costume!

Restoration Village


Restoration Village provides a safe environment for women and children in a crisis time of their lives. So women can Rebuild their lives; find Renewal and healing for their minds; Repair the damage from the past, and Restore their souls.

VISION: To break the cycle of abuse and restore hope for each woman and child.

MISSION STATEMENT: To restore the lives of women and women with children in crisis through safe shelter and life-changing services while promoting stability, dignity and self-reliance.

PURPOSE: Restoration Village provides long-term housing and services to women and women with children who are in a crisis time of their life so they can realize their potential.

VALUES:   Restore Dignity • Renew Hope • Rebuild Lives




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