We Did It!

Thank You for your support during Arkansas Gives Day 2016! Each gift will benefit the Restoring Hope Equine Therapy Program!

Honor Your Mother This Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day Restoration Village invites you to honor your mother by making a gift in support of the advocacy program. Your gift provides Restoration Village with the opportunity to help a mother in crisis rebuild her life and that of her children.

Join the Village Care Team

The Village Care Team consists of dedicated community members who have volunteered to assist Restoration Village in providing residents with their immediate unmet needs. Volunteers will only be called upon to help fulfill the pressing needs of residents that cannot be accommodated by the Village. If you would like to serve on the Village Care Team or have questions please contact Cynthia (Cie) Cochran.

Restoration Village


Restoration Village provides a safe environment for women and children in a crisis time of their lives. So women can Rebuild their lives; find Renewal and healing for their minds; Repair the damage from the past, and Restore their souls.

VISION: Restoring Hope for the Next Generation

MISSION STATEMENT: To Renew Hearts and Lives in Christ through Grace

PURPOSE: Restoration Village provides long-term housing and services to women and women with children who are in a crisis time of their life so they can realize their potential.


  • HOPE – Because people are wounded and have experienced loss
  • COMPASSION – Because people need to know their dignity and worth
  • COMMUNITY – Because people need relationships to heal
  • INTEGRITY – Because people need to trust
  • STEWARDSHIP – Because people need to live well
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